Junior Beta

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the National Jr. Beta Club shall be to promote the ideals of character, service, and leadership among students, and to reward students for their academic achievement.

Club Membership (Academics):

To be eligible for the club in 6th-8th grades, the student must have a 93 average or above in the academic subjects of science, social studies, language arts and mathematics based on the semester grade. Fifth grade students may be invited to join on a preliminary status, however, official membership in the National Jr. Beta Club begins in sixth grade. Fifth grade eligibility is based on the student having a 93 or higher average in science, math and language arts.

New students enrolling from other schools will be invited to join the Jr. Beta Club after they have been enrolled at HMS for one semester with a 93 or higher average in the core academic subjects and school records from their previous school indicates their eligibility to join.

In order to remain in the club, students must maintain a 90 averages in their academic subjects at the end of each semester. If the average falls below a 90, the student will be placed on academic probation. If, after another semester, the grade average is not at 90 or above, the student will be removed from the club.

*A student may be eligible to re-enroll in Jr. Beta if he/she has been out of the club for one semester. The student must meet the 93 average threshold and show exemplary behavior during the semester out of the club.

Club Membership (Character):

A Jr. Beta Club member must set an example for the rest of the school. Therefore, any behavior that is not in keeping with the goals of the club will not be tolerated.

If a Jr. Beta member is sent to ISS, the member will be placed on behavior probation. If the member returns to ISS for a second time in the school year, the member may be removed from the Club. Once removed due to probation, the member will not be eligible until the start of the following school year. If a member is assigned OSS, the member will be removed from the club and will not be eligible again in middle school.

Club Membership (Service to others):

All members are required to promote the ideals of HMS Jr. Beta Club and to do their fair share when assigned service projects (working at dances, helping out around school or other projects). Each member is required to commit to 3 service hours per school year. Failure to obtain service hours in each academic year will result in removal from the club at the end of the year.

Junior Civitan

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