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About Us

HMS Motto
Excellence Without Excuses


Our mission at Hayesville Middle School is to create a safe, rigorous, and inclusive learning environment with high-quality instruction that fosters a growth mindset while building positive relationships with students, families, and our community to develop the whole child.


Vision Statement

Hayesville Middle School envisions an inclusive, student-centered environment that prepares and empowers all students for middle and secondary success.

Core Beliefs
  • It takes a village to prepare our students for success.
  • Our priority is doing what is in the best interest of all students.
  • Learning is the fundamental purpose of our school.
  • All students have the ability to learn through differentiated instruction.
  • Meeting the social, emotional, and behavioral needs is essential for student success.
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS),  fosters a positive learning environment.
  • All communication will be appropriate, productive, and respectful.
  • Differences are valued. 
  • Success will be celebrated.
  • Excellence without excuses is expected. 
Core Values
  • We value the individualized needs of each child.
  • We value a safe, supportive, and compassionate learning environment.
  • We value respect, honesty, integrity and accountability.
  • We value effective learning through high-quality instruction.
  • We value collaborative relationships with families and communities that positively impact student learning and achievement.
  • We value the commitment of faculty and staff.